Gravel Calculator

Please use this gravel calculator to give you an approximate estimate of the amount you will need to cover the required area. It is only intended as rough guide and will not take into account the terrain on which you are covering. The aggregate depth will vary on the size of the gravel and what it is being used for.

The general rules are:
10mm aggregates are laid at a depth of 30-40mm, except on driveways which should be 50mm.
20mm aggregates are laid at a depth of 40-50mm, except on driveways which should be 60mm.

Whilst 10mm gravel can be used on driveways, in our experience a 20mm aggregate is more suitable, bonds better, requires less maintenance and is less prone to rutting.

The gravel calculator is NOT for use with Rubber Chippings, Bark and Sands. Please visit our gravel laying guides for more information about these products.


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Gravel Calculation - Length x Width x Height

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